Our Vision

ORPRO is a medium-sized international company under

Dutch management. We offer a wide range of films for buildings and vehicles e.g. window tinting films.ORPRO places great importance on the continuous optimization of the internal work processes. We emphasize our quality concern by the ISO 9001-2008 certification in our production company near Dubai.

The world is our backyard!

Represented on the global market through its own brands,ORPRO sells its products particularly successfully in Southern Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Head Quarters: ORPRO has its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) near Dubai. This is an important strategic location close to Europe as well as Asia. With the excellent local infrastructure, providing good connections to the international airport and commercial port, ORPRO is in a position to work internationally in a fast, cost effective, flexible and customer-orientated manner.

Sales agencies in Europe (Berlin) and Asia (Philippines) are strategically located for global trade and allow ORPRO to provide an effective international service.

International Standards

Protective films of the highest quality: this is the management philosophy of ORPRO, reflected in all of the company’s goals and its business policy.

The ORPRO quality guidelines ensure our high demands on quality are:

Individualized customer service

Continuous staff training and development

External specialist knowledge

Our internationally strong partners ensure a worldwide distribution structure of the

highest level.

Individualized Customer Service

Meeting the demand for quality is assured through both

our proactive customer service and continuous customer

feedback, which form the basis for the development of new

products and programs. This allows us to continuously

check and improve all ORPRO products and to ensure

conformity between product quality and customer service.

Continuous Staff Training & Development

Owing to ORPRO’s international orientation, we have an international staff pool with professional and market-specific knowledge. In addition, ORPRO holds regular internal audits and training for its staff in order to guarantee a high level of up-to-date know-how.

External Knowledge

As a manufacturer of films and as a member of the internationally reputed Glasfilm and Glazing

Federation (GGF), ORPRO is always kept informed about the latest trends, changes and

innovations in international standards and can implement them in the development and

improvement of its own products.