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An ISO 9001-2008 certified Glasfilm Company has extensive expertise on two continents that offer multi-purposes Glasfilm in the safety, architectural, security and residential sectors. Dedicating to assisting the nonfood departments of mass discount retailers by helping develop private label brands. 

ORPRO is a medium-sized universal company under Dutch organization. We provide a great range of films for vehicles and buildings, e.g., window tinting films. Besides, ORPRO has an excellent standing position on the continuous optimization of the internal work procedures. 

We highlight our superiority concern by the ISO 9001-2008 guarantee in our manufacturing company near Dubai. Signified on the worldwide market through its products, however, in Southern Europe, the Middle East and Asia, ORPRO successfully sells its products. 

Our decorated and privacy window films provide unexpected results for designers, installation companies, architects, and proprietors to demonstrate internal places while preservative ambient functionality and light. By applying our surface applied window films, our textures can alter clear glass into imprinted, surfaced, decorative, or frosty glass at a much lower price point than preserved glass. It is time to explore the infinite opportunities and join the industry specialists who postulate and connect our products daily.


ORPRO was founded in 1994 and is an internal defensive glass film distribution and installation services, provider. In 1996, Amsterdam-based company Deposition Technology Export Marketing (DTEM) and Orpro Asia Singapore combined with ORPRO business LLC in the United Arab Emirates to manufacture DIY windows film units and experts rolls for installers in DIY packs with a Dubai location. Later, the company relocated to Fujairah before settling in Sharjah's Hamriyah Free zone. 

In 2013, the company's purpose was to bring affluent smiles and happiness to people's lives by participating in every Unresolved Renovation Project with the essence of new ideas, vigorously researching, creating, and progressing creative business ideas to generate new colors into the market. Every project was established basically on the attitude of making society better.

Core Values

  • We are well-known to deal with honesty even if it ends up losing the deal

  • We consider it to be our responsibility to bring uppermost value for money to clients

  • Customer satisfaction is more essential to us than the profit

  • The environment of respect and trust is practiced and maintained within ORPRO and its investors.

Individualized Customer Service

Our motto is to sell Original Products (ORPRO). 

ORPRO gives its competitors: its products cost less. By spending less, clients are allegedly living better lives. This motto sets the standard for any other slogan for retail giants companies.

Award & Compliance

  • Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) ISO 9001- 20015

  • Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is a package of the Foreign Trade Association of Europe to progress working situations in your supply chain. BSCI assists in enhancing working settings in your supply chain. It also accesses inclusive auditing tools accessible in over 20 languages and ensures reliable supply chain monitoring. 

  • Kraftfahrt Bundesamt (KBA)

  • The United Arab Emirates, Ministry of Public Works

  • Quality management system, specified by the German Vehicle Authority (KBA

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